Okay, I should have been working, but I had Christmas music on the CD and I felt more like taking a peek at what others were writing! What a great afternoon. I picked some of my favorites so far but I'm not close to being finished. I will spend a little time each day adding to this list so be sure to come back often.

Holidays Around the World
Christmas Carols in England are a given, but did you know that Icelandic children leave their shoes on windowsills? Learn more from Kids' Exchange Guide Wendy Hogan.

Music Videos "Yule" Enjoy
Sit back and have a look at these holiday videos hand-picked by Music Video Guide Angela Thor -- while you still have time!

Countdown to a Stressfree Holiday
Cooking/Food Guide Suman Varadaraj has tips that will make your holidays go off without a hitch.

Frugal Holiday Fun
Celebrating the holidays doesn't mean you have to spend big bucks... or any bucks at all.

Christmas For Bodybuilders
You have a body builder to buy for and you are stuck? Now you are in luck

Christmas Music
Simply can't get enough of a good thing?

Christmas Clipart
Take a peak at some of Bobbi's great Christmas Graphics.

Vegetarian Cooking For The Holidays
Looking for great recipes? Look no farther.

Christmas is Rosarians
Some helpful suggestions for christmas shopping for the rosarian in the family

It's Christmas Time
Free Stocking Stuffer Coupons, Recommended Gifts, and much more!

Gift Ideas For Teens
It's that time of year again! If you need a few ideas for gifts or stocking stuffers, check here.

Mental Health for the Holidays
The holidays can be stressful for many people, so people with anxiety disorders should be extra careful to treat themselves well. Here you'll find problems to look out for and ways to cope with the stress.