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Quick Tip

*Cutting Your Hair When It's Dry

Is this a bad thing to do or a good thing? Actually, there are several reasons why a stylist will prefer your hair to be wet.

-While wet, your hair has no curl that is noticeable. All of your hair lays flat and at the same length. Dry hair (with curl) can mess everything up leading to more hair being cut than was intended.

-Dry hair can also give a false impression of how your hair behaves naturally. Each day is different with everything from the weather to your last hairstyle playing a part... think ponytail ridges.

*Too Puffy

Is your hair too puffy after washing? I have heard this little trick several times, so it is well worth sharing. In the privacy of your own home, wrap a scarf around your hair while you are putting on your makeup.

*What Dull Scissors Can Do

If you are going to give your split ends a trim, be sure that you don't use a pair of dull scissors. It can actually make your split ends even worse. You might be better off letting a stylist take care of the problem.

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