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Promise to Stop Me...

Lets face it, we aren't fashion models and we certainly aren't built like them, but it would be nice to look the part. Can it be done with an ordinary income? You bet it can. All you need is a little know-how. Fashion is about to get a whole lot easier! So, lets get started.

Finding Your Style

What looks good on you? Do you even know? Fashion magazines are a good place to start looking. I might not be built like the models, but it certainly gives me a pretty good idea of what is out there. And, I always choose models that are roughly in my age group. There was a day when everything that was not teen oriented looked... frumpy. Not anymore. It seems that someone is finally designing outfits for us too.

What your clothing says about you...

This is more important than you might know. Okay, no one really wants to get old and how we dress often shouts out to people that we are still in our prime. But, what if we aren't? When do we stop dressing like a teenager and look for something that is still stylish, but with a bit more taste than we might have had in our younger years.

A soccer mom comes to mind as I write this. She obviously refused to accept that she was not the same age as the girls on the team. Actually, the girls on the team looked a lot more conservatively dressed than this mom...

Picture this... a 40 something woman in short shorts with a tube top that left very little to the imagination. On her feet were stiletto sandals and if this wasn't enough, she applied more makeup than was worn by all the other moms combined.

How Do You Know If You Look Hideous?

After the story of the soccer mom that I just related, you can imagine my worry of doing something similar. Obviously the soccer mom had no idea how she looked to the rest of us, so I had a talk with my daughter. "If I ever forget my age and attempt to recapture my youth... tell me!" She laughed and gave me her promise.

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