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How To Take Great Prom Photos
What You Need To Know

*I'm not a photographer but I have found that your photos are so much better if you use your flash attachment. That includes photos indoors and out. Don't ask me why, they just look better.
  • For photos, you are going to want to wear a little makeup. At least foundation and lipstick. They are pretty much a necessity when it comes to photos.

  • Before the big night, put on your dress and then do your face. Now take some practise shots just to see how you look. Do you need a little more color? Are you wearing too much? Do you look washed out? The photos won't lie.

  • If the budget allows, book a photographer to come to the house and take some shots. He will know the right angles to use.

  • Take as many shots at home using your parents more expensive camera and then...

  • Take a disposable camera to the prom with you. Actually, suggest to all of your friends to invest in a disposable as well and then you can trade shots.

  • While some of your shots are going to be formal, make sure that you take lots of you and your friends relaxed and having fun. In other words... don't try too hard to get that perfect photo.

  • Enjoy the evening.

  • Make a date to get together after the prom and enjoy everyone's photos. Actually, tell everyone to have lots of copies made so that you can make trades. If you are on a budget, there are photo copiers that do a nice job of copying.

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