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Help For Super High Heels

Nothing will spoil a night faster than feet that are killing you. And, that is generally what a new pair of high heels will do if your feet aren't used to them. However, I have found a neat little way around the problem. They are called "Foot Petals." They are squishy little flowers that stick to your shoe, absorbing the weight that has suddenly been put onto the balls of your feet.

But what do you do if you have looked and looked, and can't find "Foot Petals?" You are still in luck. I found a similar product in a shoe repair shop. Instead of puffy little flowers, they are neutral colored cushioned ovals that work just as well.

If you aren't used to wearing heels, I recommend spending some time breaking them in, and I highly recommend checking out these products. It could make the difference between a fun night prom night and a miserable one.

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