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Olay Vitamins

Olay Vitamins

Introducing Olay Vitamins for Women

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. and CINCINNATI (September 23, 2003) - Leading facial moisturizer and cleanser brand OLAY(tm), one of The Procter & Gamble Company's (NYSE: PG) flagship brands, and Pharmavite, the country's leading vitamin and supplement manufacturer, announce today the launch of OLAY Vitamins-the first vitamin line to support beauty from within. The only affordably priced cosmeceutical line available at U.S. mass market retailers, OLAY Vitamins is formulated exclusively for women to address both their inner health and outer beauty needs.

"Cosmeceuticals, which are ingredients or nutrients taken internally, can positively impact skin health and appearance," says Amy Newburger, M.D., a New York-based practicing dermatologist and author of Looking Good at Any Age. "Without adequate ingestion of certain vitamins and minerals, the skin looks dull and sallow and overall health suffers."

OLAY Vitamins benefit from OLAY's skin care expertise and Pharmavite's nutritional knowledge. To develop the line, researchers reviewed more than 130 existing scientific studies that show how certain vitamins and minerals, when taken internally, can positively influence a woman's skin appearance, beauty and overall health. This information was used to create an easy-to-use product line that supports a woman's beauty and wellness from within.

"The average woman can be overwhelmed when she stands in the vitamin aisle," says Lynn Laboranti, MS, RD, Pharmavite continuing education specialist. "OLAY Vitamins offers women a holistic, simple way to address their health and beauty needs simultaneously."

The Vitamin Regimen

OLAY Vitamins consist of two sublines-seven Beauty Nutrients for skin health/appearance and eight Wellness Nutrients to support a woman's inner health needs. OLAY Beauty Nutrients support skin structure renewal and cell renewal, and include antioxidants, which are the skin's best defense against premature aging. OLAY Wellness Nutrients are vitamins and nutritional supplements formulated for a woman's unique wellness needs.

Results in Four Weeks
OLAY Vitamins was tested with more than 1,600 women between the ages of 18 and 55+. Seven out of ten women observed skin improvement after four weeks of use. In addition, 86 percent of women agree that after four weeks of use the product "promotes better health."[1]

OLAY Vitamins is available in the vitamin aisle at food, drug, mass, and club stores nationwide. The suggested retail price for OLAY Vitamins ranges from $7.99 to $24.99. Consumers who would like more information may call the toll-free Consumer Affairs line at 800-710-OLAY or visit the Web site at OLAYVitamins.com.

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