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Joelle Francils/Fiona Reily

Joelle Francils/Fiona Reily

Stressless Beauty Secrets

Do you have enough?

With the busy lives we live today, we can never do enough to pamper ourselves. Here are a few of mine. Feel free to borrow whenever you are having a stressful moment!

1. Head massages are one of my favorites. Stress causes the scalp to tighten as we age. The Body Shoppe actually has these little rubber massage pads that fit over your fingers for this very purpose. They would make a great stocking stuffer if you are thinking about Christmas.

2. Treat yourself to a new set of sheets and then sprinkle then with a little scented cornstarch. You will be lulled to sleep in no time.

3. Enjoy a longer than usual bath, complete with a plastic wine glass full of juice, and a good novel. Be sure to slather on lots of lotion when you dry off. This is probably the only time I will tell you to soak in a tub! Quick showers are generally kinder to your skin.

4. On the same note, before you bathe, place your towels on a warming rack. Can anything be more decadent than stepping out of a warm tub on a cold winter day into toasty warm towels?

5. Collect beauty quotes and then arrange them in a large photo album. Thumb through the pages often. These bits of wisdom can really make you think!

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