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Melissa Collins

Melissa Collins

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Melissa Collins

Melissa... Pure and Simple

Shoulder-length hair doesn't need to look as if its waiting to grow out. Just look at Melissa's hair. It's gorgeous just the length it is, but chances are, Melissa takes incredible care of her locks. Here are some tips that you should know.

*Salons Cost Big Money

Check out the salon for your first impression and if you like what you see, book an appointment (see below). The stylists should look as if they like their jobs, their hair looks healthy and the place is clean. But is that enough? [br Better to be safe than sorry. Book a shampoo and blow-dry. That will give you ample time to see if you like the service, and you can watch the stylists in action with other patrons.

*Coarse Hair

If you have coarse hair, you will know simply by the feel of it. Another problem connected with coarse hair is too much volume. Using a leave in conditioner will help control your tresses.

*In The End...

I know that this hurts, but long hair has to be trimmed to stay healthy looking. Doing so every six weeks, ensures that split ends won't travel up the hair shaft. Hair that is in bad condition, looks it.

*No Shine

An easy way to add a touch more shine to your dull locks is as easy as warming a few drops of olive oil between your palms and then smoothing it gently over your hair.

*Make It Uncomplicated

A complicated hairstyle on the beach makes you look like you are trying too hard. Tie your hair back, twist it up into a simple updo, or braid it. That's all you need.

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