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5 Ways to Improve Your Mood

Quick Tip

It easier to change that bad mood than you might think. Here are five ways for you to try, and I guarantee that your day will turn around almost instantly.

1. Get your homework out of the way as early as possible. That should leave time to go for a walk with a friend while it is still light outside. You will be burning calories as well as discussing whatever is on your mind.

2. Do something fun every night of the week. One night could be a favorite TV show. Another night you might want to hit the gym or rent a comedy from your local video store. The point is... bringing a little play time back into your life. As we get older, playtime seems to get smaller and smaller.

3. Take up a new sport that you have always wanted to try.

4. Learn to meditate. Nothing relaxes you faster and it is very easy to learn.

5. If you have a garden, take full advantage. Find yourself a comfy spot and watch what is going on all around you. There is nothing better for the soul... or the bad mood.

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