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Lemon Lime Silky Soap

2 cups soap flakes (yes, they still make them for baby clothes, but you can grate your own from your favorite bar soap)
1 gallon water
1/3 cup glycerin
2 cups unscented shampoo or liquid soap
lemon and lime essential oils
(salt to thicken if needed)

Start your silky soap by stirring the water slowly into the soap flakes along with a tablespoon or two of the glycerin. Heat gently, stirring until the soap dissolves. *This will be your soap base and can be stored and used as needed.

For our lemon lime silky soap, remove two cups and combine with the remainder of the glycerin and a few drops of your essential oils. If you prefer one scent over the other, add one or two drops more of one. Personally, I like the lime a little stronger, so I add just a tiny bit more of that oil. You can play around with it until it is perfect for you and your kitchen.

Fill up your pump dispensors and you are ready to go. Your kitchen is going to smell heavenly!

*As in other recipes, if you find your soap a little too thin for your liking, salt is a natural thickener and can be added a little at a time until you achieve the results you prefer.

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