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How To Create Fabulous Fringe Benefits (Bangs)

Do you grow them out, cut them shorter, adjust them? This how to offers lots of suggestions on what you can do with them.

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Here's How:

1.   Practice new looks with the bangs that you have. Sweep them to one side, gel them back, curl one layer forward, and one back.

2.   Consider different lengths. What would suit you better? The choices are down to the brows, above the brows or shorter still. Clip on attachments can show you in an instant.

3.   Tring to grow them out? That's where accessories come in. Hairbands, glittery barrettes and styling products to whisk them out of the picture are worth their weight in gold.

4.   Speaking of attachments, work colored strands into your bangs for a completely new look. They can easily be hidden and snapped in place.

5.   Try wispy fringe. They can be created with beveled edges and then broken up with the help of a little pomade.

6.   Or what about spiky bangs like those of Halle Berry.

7.   Have your stylist create layers in front that can be swept across your forehead. If you want bangs/fringe, you've got them. If you don't, you can tuck them behind your ears or blowdry them in the direction you want them to go.

8.   Baby bangs... one solid line but a half inch or so above the brows. Hold them in place with pomade coated fingers.

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