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The Perfect Shampoo

Is There Any Such Thing?

Wander down an aisle in any drugstore and you will see a non-ending selection of shampoos. How do you choose which one is right for you? What makes one better than the next? Most people look at the cost. Does this tell you anything? And fragrance is a close second. If it smells wonderful, then it must work? Lastly, the amount of bubbles that it produces... does this make for a good shampoo? You are probably shaking your head right now but, unfortunately, these are the attributes that most people look for in a good shampoo.

The first mistake that I find is that a lot of people think shampoos will produce miracles. Unfortunately that won't happen. While shampoos might effectively clean your hair, they won't cure split ends, straighten your curl, or suddenly give you bouncy, shiny hair. So, are we wasting our money? In some cases, we probably are. We sometimes forget what a shampoo is supposed to do -- clean your hair -- plain and simple. The additives below will only work if your hair is in good condition to begin with.

In many instances an inexpensive shampoo can clean your hair effectively and, if you add your own little touches to their contents, as have the ladies below, they will often work just as well. We sometimes forget that generations long gone washed their hair, just as we are doing, and they didn't have the choices we have today, they made their own, just as we are beginning to do.

You don't have to go back very far to see the truth in this. In the 1870's, hair salons in Britain, were formulating their own shampoos from varying amounts of water, soda and bar soap. While these solutions were being used in Britain, an American, by the name of John Breck, was spending all of his spare time trying to formulate the perfect shampoo to cure his baldness. While he didn't solve his problem, he was successful in formulating a detergent-based shampoo that we are all familiar with today. And, as they say... the rest is history.

I recently found that several ladies who frequent our site are adding their own ingredients to their shampoo. Here is a peek at some of the ingredients that are being added.

  • I have made a strong rosemary leaves tea solution and added the strained solution to my shampoo for added shine and color ( brown hair). Chamomile is good for blondes. Natima
  • I have added tea tree oil to my shampoo to get rid of flakes -- it works! Usually, I will pour a dollop of shampoo into my palm, then add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, mix them together, then shampoo it in! If I do this once a week (sometimes less) I can keep flakes away...it also helps get rid of styling buildup. Medusa
  • I have tried a bit of vodka mixed in with my shampoo. It somehow makes your hair shiny. Devie
  • I mixed a raw egg into my shampoo. I heard that it will strengthen your hair. So far, so good. Tina

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