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How To Use Hair Picks Effectively

If you don't own several pairs of hair picks, you aren't getting all the mileage from your hairstyles that you could be. And no, you don't have to have long, long hair.

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Here's How:

1.   Hair picks will work best with hair that is not overly heavy. If I want to use them, I have to pin my hair in place and then insert.

2.   If you have collected a nice assortment of picks, keep your eyes open for hairstyle photos that use them. They will provide you with some interesting placement possibilities.

3.   Be careful how you handle your picks. It is sometimes too easy to break off the decorative tips with too much handling. Actually, grip the picks at the widest point to prevent this from happening.

4.   Practise using your sticks. Sometimes weaving them into your "twist" will give you the look and hold that you want.

5.   If you find that the picks just won't stay in, there are spiral carved picks that might be a better choice for you.

6.   Surprisingly enough, you don't have to have really long hair to use picks. They can be used for decorative purposes only. See below...

7.   Insert them into a ponytail, or even into braids. Play around with them. You will be amazed at how versatile they are.


  1. Hair picks are most often made of wood or bone.
  2. The first picks were probably pencils but I have heard that popsicle stics are a close second.

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