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1.   I need to find a way to do my hair for family pictures. I want to wear it down but dont know how to make it look good. Should I curl it, or just leave it ho it is. What should I do? Tasha (see tip 1)

2.   I have problem. I have know idea where to look for hair tips and no matter what i do to my hair it always looks bad. Please help.jgirl (see tip 2)

3.   I have a semi formal to go to next month and im starting to think about hair. I was thinking about something curly but how so? My dress is a halter, so should I wear my hair half up or all the way? Ellie (see tip 3)

4.   How can I stop my hair from being freezy after I've had a shower and it drys up. I also want it to stay healthy but I blow dry it sometimes here and then, I want my hair to feel soft and silky. Monica (see tip 4)

5.   I have long hair and its really thick and there is not much I can do but put have it in a bun. What are some styles I can do? Rosa (see tip 5)


  1. It's really hard to say without seeing what you look like. Why don't you try out a few styles at home and then ask for opinions.
  2. Shirley has tons of styling tips on this site. Best advice is to get your hair into the best condition you can and then start playing with some of the styles that she has provided how-to's for.
  3. Well, if you are going to wear a halter dress, I would pull the hair up, but let lots of it fall onto your shoulders in loose curls. Best of both ideas.
  4. Took a while to figure out what you were asking and still not sure about the freezy part. As for drying your hair, try to let it dry naturally as often as you can. Constant use of the dryer will take its toll.
  5. There are tons that you can do. Why not start with some of the how-to styles offered on this site. They are simple and have step by step instructions. If your hair is really thick, have some layers cut into it. That should give you some movement.

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