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Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry

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Debbie Harry... Rock and Roll Makeup

The 1980's had a look all of its own and Debbie Harry certainly made a name for herself as much for her face, as her music. So, if you are looking for a glamorous look, this just might be what you are looking for.

To begin, you are going to have to have great skin. There are lots of material on my site to help with that issue and it could be as simple as learning how to wash your face properly.

*The Cheeks: The trick is to learn how to use highlighters and shadows to create those famous cheekbones. The highlighter will go on the section of your cheeks that you want to make look fuller. A lighter blush or even a lighter shade of foundation can do this quite effectively. Now to push those cheekbones up, you have to learn how to apply shadow in just the right area, that being in the hollows below the cheekbones. A darker blush can do this or a darker shade of foundation for a more subtle look.

Don't forget to blend, blend, blend, so that you don't see what you have done. It has to look as if those are your cheekbones and not smears of color on your face. This is not something you can learn in one night, so I suggest that you begin now, practicing your makeup until you get just the right combination. Different products and different colors are going to give different results.

*Debbie Harry also loved a lot of eye makeup. She used a dark liner on the top and bottom, and then continued the look by smudging the dark shadow all around the eye, and up into the crease as well. Don't forget lots of black mascara.

*Her lips also come to mind, so be sure to use a lip pencil to outline your lips. An ouline will make them appear fuller. You will want them to look, as pouty as possible. And with the intensity of her eyes, remember to go pale for the mouth. Eyes and lips should not compete.

With all the makeup that she wore, her skin always appeared flawless. Everything was perfectly blended. I can't stress that enough. You are looking for glamor here...

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