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How To Seasons Eatings

Holiday parties are a part of the season. If you follow the steps below, you will be able to attend all the parties you want... so go and have fun!

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Here's How:

1.   Don't wait until you arrive at the party to eat. Yogurt is always a good choice as you digest it slowly. (You will feel full longer.)

2.   You might want to make the rounds, to see what is available and then sample the foods that you really want to try. No point eating high calorie foods that you wouldn't mind giving up anyway.

3.   Avoid eggnog. It contains a zillion calories. I do cheat however during the holiday season with fat-free eggnog. It still has calories so don't over do.

4.   Fill your plate with lots of fresh veggies along with the higher calorie foods. And eat slowly!

5.   Carry around a glass of soda water/Perrier with a twist and that should keep your hands busy the entire night. And no calories.

6.   Beware of crackers. In most cases, these are not your friend.

7.   If you know that calorie laden desserts are going to be served, save up some calories over the week and then indulge in just a small piece.

8.   If you are able to bring goodies, offer a plate of items that you know are low in calories... just in case.

9.   If your holiday eating for one party gets out of hand, don't allow the guilt to ruin the night. Tomorrow it's back to sensible eating.

10.   It might be a good idea to place a dessert square onto a napkin. If oil soaks through, limit how much you consume or bypass it all-together.

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