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How To Make Beauty Oriented Christmas Snappers

Christmas Snappers are so pretty to look at but the contents are often a waste of money. This year I have decided to make my own. I wanted control over the size and contents... and if I do say so myself, mine make the store bought snappers pale in comparison! Now before you begin... decide on the size that you want.

Difficulty: N/A

Time Required:  n/a

Here's How:

1.   Bathroom Tissue Paper Tubes... These are an old standby that everyone has. Simply collect one per person and store away until you make up the crackers.

2.   Christmas Paper Cardboard Tubes... Can't quite stuff everything you want into bathroom tissue paper tubes? Then here's the answer. The tubes are close to three feet in length so you can cut them any length you want.

3.   Pringle Potato Chip Cans... You hate throwing them away but couldn't come up with a use! Now, you have a reason. They are a great size, they allow you plenty of room to stuff in lots of goodies and they are sturdy.

4.   Fillers... Christmas Hat... As silly as they look, they have to be part of the Christmas Snapper. It will take you seconds to whip them up with tissue paper.

5.   Check out your drugstore sample section and fill your Christmas Snapper full of lip balm, bubble bath, moisturizers, shampoo and body powder samples.

6.   What Christmas Snapper would be complete without Christmas candy? But along with the candy, stuff in a package of sugarfree gum. Have to watch those cavities.

7.   Wrap the snapper with left over scraps of Christmas paper.

8.   But what about the snapper part? Okay, I have good news and I have some bad news. Craft stores carry the snapper inserts for the bathroom tissue roll sizes, but I have never seen snappers long enough for Pringles cans. If you really like to hear them "pop" stay with the smaller sizes. Personally, no one in my family minds when they open my Pringle size crackers. You would be amazed at the things that I can stuff into them!

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