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Scented Salt Scrub

To date, I have provided lots of bath salt recipes for your gift list, but what if everyone on your list prefers showers instead? Bath salts would not be a welcome gift, but a salt scrub certainly would. And it is just as easy to whip up. Here's what you need.

  • 3 cups of salt. You will want different textures so choose a combination of fine to course. These will be layered, so keep them separated.
  • 1 T. cosmetic grade glitter
  • enough light oil to cover the salt
  • food coloring or drops of soap colorant
- Layer the three salts into a decorative jar.
- Combine the oil with the glitter and the coloring agent. Stir to combine.
- Pour into jar until the oil reaches the top of the salts.
- Tightly close lid and you are done.

Directions for use...

Scoop out salt mixture and apply to damp skin, using circular movements. Rinse throughly. All the dead skin cells have been washed down the drain, leaving soft skin in its place.

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