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Pat Benatar... Red Lips, Attitude and Those Eyes

Quick Tip

Do your remember how much of an impact Pat Benatar made on the eighties. So many women modeled themselves after one attribute or another.

  • Red lips were very much in vogue and Pat Benatar had it down to a fine art.

  • Her attitude was also something very much in the picture. She wasn't a lady you would want to cross without good reason. If you need a reminder, dig up some of her old videos.

  • It wasn't only her love of red lipstick, she loved intense colors and strong eye makeup. She is another lady who claimed the smokey eyes long before this decade.

  • While she prefers her hair long these days, I have to admit, I loved the messy curls or sleek shorter style she wore in the eighties.
  • She was asked once in an interview if she thought of herself as a sex symbol. She replied with a laugh with something to the effect that sex symbols don't look like she does when she takes off her makeup. She really did not think of herself as attractive.
**On a personal note, I would have loved to have had a peek in her makeup case.

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