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Hair in 1910

During this decade we saw even more changes. Here are some of the most interesting.

  • The appearance of the bob occurred during this decade. Women were growing tired of long hair and all the work that was involved.

  • You might want to sit outside this summer to let your hair dry. In 1915, that is exactly what Victoria Woeste was doing when a Sun-Maid executive passed by and noticed her. Her likeness was painted by artist Franny Scafford and she became the Sun-Maid Raisin girl that you have seen so many times on those little boxes of raisins.

  • Irene Castle, a famous dancer made a name for herself while dancing with her partner. Apparently pins would fly out of her hair and hit the audience. That all came to an end when she tired of the style and cut her hair short. Her new style, the bob, also made headlines.

  • Next came headbands,but not the simple headbands that we are used to seeing today. They were quite elaborate and quite often extensively beaded or featured feathers and jewels especially in the evenings.

    Because of these headbands, a new hairstyle came about referred to as "Curtain Hair" This referred to a style where the hair was parted down the center and then looped over the headband.

  • I found an ad in one of my research books listing one of the first electric hair dryer, The Blo Electric Hot and Cold Hair Douche Apparaturs of 1912 on sale for 2 pounds and five shillings. While this doesn't sound like a lot of money, hair dressers were reluctant to make the purchase...

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