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Hair Care and Hair Styles in the 1890s

Beauty History

A woman's hair was something that she treasured, whether it was in good condition or not.

The hairstyles consisted of masses of ringlets, which complimented the pale complexions that were so popular thanks to the outbreak of TB.

The moment the fashion changed to skirts and blouses for women, (The Gibson Girl), ringlets were smoothed into chignons often worn under large hats.

In general, hair was in very poor condition thanks to the ringlets that were created with curling irons.

Hats were quite fashionable and the use of feathers, even more so. It has been said that the extravagent use, almost wiped out some breeds of birds.

Surprisingly enough, gray hair was quite fashionable, especially if the women were young. How times have changed.

Hair powders were something that was also quite popular during this decade. I supposed that this softened the color, giving way to the fashionable gray craze of the time.Creating Their Own Hair Accessories: 

I suppose that horse hair was rather plentiful in the Victorian years and women made full use of it. They actually purchased magazines that offered intricate patterns allowing them to create their own hair jewelry. The hair would be wound onto bobbins that would hang from special table (complete with a hole in the center) and the women would then spend hours weaving the hair into earrings, crucifixes, even chains for their husband's watch.Women would collect their own hair or purchase it from another source and then put it away until they had mastered the technique with the horsehair.

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