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Fashion and Jewelry in the 1890s

Beauty History

Women had a limited number of colors to choose from during this decade thanks to the Victorian influence and even less so if a death in the family had occurred.. Fashion desinger Worth, played a big part in designing mourning gowns for anyone who could afford them.

Later on in the decade, women began appearing in shirts and skirts thanks to the Gibson girl. Actually she was created by a fashion illustrator in 1890, and for Charles Dana Gibson, there was no looking back.

Noteable Fashion Designers during this decade included Charles Worth.

Jewels were very popular during this decade... costume jewelry simply wasn't done. Big names at the time included Faberge, Cartier, Castellani and Lalique.

Family jewels were also very important and handed down lovingly from one generation to the next. I wonder why I didn't receive anything?

We also see the Victorian rose-cut stones replaced by tiaras, and no fashion magazine worth its salt failed to include instructions on how to wear this glittering piece of jewelry with the gowns of the period.

Mourning jewelry was also very important during this decade. I suppose, that the ultra plain mourning gowns had something to do with it. Anything to perk up an outfit.

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