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Julyne Derrick

How to Get Your Guy to Groom His Eyebrows

By January 5, 2013

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I have noticed a lot of guys with unruly eyebrows of late. I'm talking brows that grow to more than an inch and stick out in random spirals from their brows kinda like the brows on this adorable man pictured here. The older a man gets, the unrulier the brows become because when gray hairs grow in, they tend to be of their own unique texture.

So how to get your guy to groom his brows? I suggest he ask his barber to do his brows when he gets his hair cut, but grooming bushy brows isn't so hard to do on your own. All it takes it a comb and a pair of scissors. Simply "comb" the brows with the comb and hold the comb in place. Any hairs that pop out of the comb should be whisked away with the scissors. I watched once as a lady barber used an electric razor in the same fashion on my boyfriend. She held the brow hair in place with a comb and then ran the razor over the unruly bits that stuck out. Nick looked much better when she finished than he does when I cut his stray hairs with scissors.

For unibrows, I recommend waxing. But tweezing can work, too.

Read more about brow grooming on About.com's site for guys: How To Trim Your Eyebrows.

Image: Keith Brofsky for Getty Images


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