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BambooDreams by DreamSacks: The Softest Sheets in the World?


BambooDreams by DreamSacks: The Softest Sheets in the World?

If you suffer from insomnia, as I do, you'll understand why I've made my bed as comfortable as possible. Over the years, I've splurged on a pillowtop mattress, the very best down pillows, an excellent down comforter and, most recently, the most amazing set of sheets I've ever come across. These sheets are so amazing, I'm venturing outside my usual world of hair and makeup products to share them with you.

The sheets are made by DreamSacks (I pretty much live in their Cleo pajama set), a company based out of who knows where, that makes eco-friendly clothing and bedding from bamboo. (Who knew bamboo could be a million times softer than cotton?). These sheets feel like an old T-shirt that's been worn and washed for 20 years. The only downsides are the price (about $216 for a queen set) and the fact that the sheets are so soft, they appear slouchy, rather than crisp on the bed. I also wish I'd gotten white, instead of the blue because I'm really into neutrals these days. Because I just bought these, I have no idea how durable bamboo bedding is.

The company makes a whole host of bedding and clothing. I got mine at a great store in Seattle called Collective. Check out their Website to find a location near you or buy the sheets online.

Photo courtesy of DreamSacks, Inc.

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