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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks, Spider Veins and Cellulite

What Method Really Work & What's All Hype


How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks, Spider Veins and Cellulite

Don't let the photo of this model get you down, she's likely airbrushed to death.

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If you suffer from stretch marks, spider veins or cellulite, you likely would love to get rid of them.

But can you? Here's the scoop:

Stretch Marks

One of the biggest discussion points I have with women is stretch marks. Most of them want to proudly tell me how they rub extra virgin coconut oil or shea butter religiously on their bellies during pregnancy. Even I rubbed my own pregnant belly with coconut oil, just in case.

The fact is, stretch marks happen when you go through a huge weight change and the skin tears causing marks. I have stretch marks on my thighs that I got during my growth spurts in puberty. But I never got them in pregnancy and I can probably thank my parents for that since how your skin handles this stretching is largely a matter of heredity mixed in with luck.

Stretch marks are most likely to occur on the belly, thighs, breasts and arms. So once you get them, can you get rid of them?

You can treat them, but you can't necessarily get rid of them.

The best time to treat stretch marks is when they are in their brightly colored phase, meaning bright red or purple. Once they pass this phase and fade into silvery lines, they are much harder to treat.

Retinol is your best bet when it comes to diminishing the signs of stretch marks. The problem with retinol is you can't use it during pregnancy or when breastfeeding when your stretch marks are in their most treatable phase and over-the-counter retinol isn't really strong enough to do what retinol does best: boost collagen production. You need it in prescription strength and that can be pricey when slathering it all over the skin.

Laser treatments can minimize the effects of stretch marks, but these can also be pricey. You'll need a series of $500-$1000 laser treatments to correct the marks and the results are not guaranteed.

Spider Veins

Unlike stretch marks, spider veins can actually be removed completely via sclerotherapy.

I know this because I had mine removed at The Vein Treatment Center in NYC and they remain gone several years later. The doctor injected saline into my veins, which collapsed them. It was a good use of my money.

Find out what I went through, how much it cost and whether I'd do it again in my article, Sclerotherapy: I Got My Spider Veins Removed. Did It Work?

Don't want to pay $$$ to fix your veins? You can camouflage spider veins with body makeup specially formulated to cover up scars and veins. Get the full scoop in How to Cover Up Scars, Spider Veins or Varicose Veins.


Most women have a bit of cellulite on the backs of their thighs, above the knees or even on the arms. You can spend hundreds of dollars on over-the-counter lotions and potions but none has been proven to work permanently.

Some lotions contain a type of caffeine (yes, caffeine!) which can reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it's only temporary. Some doctors claim lasers work on cellulite, but reports I've read are inconclusive. Put it this way: If lasers were truly a miracle cure for cellulite, the lines outside dermatologist offices would be far longer than the lines typically are when new generation iPads and iPhones are released.

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